Press for ‘Abandon Hope’

“I see the potential here on this demo but I’d definitely say it speaks more of their songwriting and arrangement skill rather than the typical stoner/doom metal sound they’ve given a bit of a sludge snarl to. “Scryers of the Smoke” should fire up the psych-doom crowd and holy damn, “Monument to Nothing” is a fuckin’ jam…This was an excellent first glance at what Doomsday Profit are all about.”

Grizzly Butts

“A debut work that proves beyond doubt that some artists are born with the charisma of creating a mindblowing effect entering the metal scene. Bands that sounds damn mature since day one. Abandon Hope is a journey back from Tartarus and the news bearers scatter the apocalypse, casting it away on earth. Riffing is discursive, garrulous. The bass lines ear-bleeding, the drumming is hollow-deep, vocals full of the bad seed and the hefty package is being escorted by strings of another heavily psychedlic plane. The widest array of lust.”

Doomed Wolf on Sludged Planet

“Doomsday Profit can said to be influenced by bands such as Electric Wizard, Church of Misery, Sleep, Conan, Eyehategod, and other like-minded bands…Overall, Abandon Hope makes for an awesome listen and definitely should not be missed. Highly recommended!” 

Dead Air At The Pulpit

“We’re glad to introduce you to amazing heavy psych stoner sludge doom four-piece Doomsday profit with their brand new astonishing 4-track demo album, ‘Abandon Hope!’”

Doom Heart

Metal Addicts shared our press release and a link to our Bandcamp.