New single,”Consume The Remains,” out now! In Idle Orbit available for pre-order!

DOOMSDAY PROFIT | by Allie Mullin Photography

Raleigh, N.C. psych-sludge outfit Doomsday Profit have just released a new single, “Consume the Remains.” The song is taken from their forthcoming album In Idle Orbittobe released on Nov. 12, 2021, and which is available for pre-order now.

DOOMSDAY PROFIT | by Allie Mullin Photography
Photo by Allie Mullin Photography | www.alliemullin.com

Offering a searing meditation in anger, Doomsday Profit’s debut EP floods its dystopian visions with snarling psychedelic grit and deep-dredged sludge riffs that calls to mind the relentless pummeling of Conan, as well as the cosmic excursions of Earthless; the bad-trip acid-rock of Church of Misery, as well as the scuzzy blues of Dopethrone.

With “Consume the Remains,” Doomsday Profit merges desert-rock groove with death ‘n’ roll bile. From its foundational riff — deep groove reminiscent of Church of Misery or Fu Manchu — the band cakes on with tar-thick sludge before launching it into a dark, psychedelic abyss.