‘In Idle Orbit’ cracks the November Doom Charts Top 20

Critics hail Doomsday Profit’s debut as “a band to get truly excited about

Following a strong critical response, Doomsday Profit’s debut album, In Idle Orbit, was ranked No. 19 for the month of November by Doom Charts‘ panel of critics. Writer Shasta Beast praised the album, saying:

“Making good on the promise of their 2020 demo, Raleigh, NC’s DOOMSDAY PROFIT usher forth the end times on their debut “In Idle Orbit“. This is plodding, grueling sludge, moving at a doomy pace with psych flourishes and gravelly vocals. Crush and nod is the name of the game, and these guys are naturals.”

Shasta Beast, Doom Charts

Throughout the heavy music blogosphere, In Idle Orbit has received praise, including glowing reviews from The Obelisk, Doomed & Stoned, The Sleeping Shaman, and others. Highlights include:

11/20/21 — Cvlt Legion: Album Review – Doomsday Profit – “In Idle Orbit”

“‘In Idle Orbit’ takes the core of a beloved genre and puts it to use without being consumed by it. Its groovy tendencies make it a not-so idle journey! Great! 9/10”

Fronas Zalve, Cvlt Legion

11/17/21 — Noob Heavy: Last Friday The Week: 12th November 2021 Release Day

“If you like to get high in a swamp and listen to the old school metal stuff then this will be perfect for you.”

Carcassbomb, Noob Heavy

11/12/21 — Musipedia of Metal: Reviews: Bornholm, Crazy Lixx, Doomsday Profit, Nestor

In Idle Orbit is a record that is downbeat and devastating, fusing the headache inducing throb of Electric Wizard with the speaker destroying sludge heaviness of Conan.”

Matt Bladen, Musipedia Of Metal

11/11/21 — The Sleeping Shaman: Review: Doomsday Profit ‘In Idle Orbit’

“They (Doomsday Profit) tap into some sixth sense and have created one grand debut album.” 

Josh Schneider, The Sleeping Shaman

11/10/21 — Flying Fiddlesticks Music Blog: DOOMSDAY PROFIT, IN IDLE ORBIT (2021)

“A thoroughly ominous, earthy mood slinger…I like everything about this album. The extension on the basic foundations of doom and the integration of clever ideas from other forms works a winning advantage. Recommended.”

Wayne Edwards, Flying Fiddlesticks Music Blog

11/8/21 — Doomed & Stoned: Doomsday Profit Stir Up Ire & Fire: ‘In Idle Orbit’ (full album premiere)

“We get our EPs worth and then some on In Idle Orbit, which brings into focus the strong emotions we’ve endured lo these pair of twisted, anxious years in which the pressure has been on more-or-less continually.”

Billy Goate, Doomed & Stoned

11/2/21 — Grizzly Butts: Short Reviews Pt. I | November ’21

Doomsday Profit have a bit more up their sleeve these days, building up guff enough for a self-released full-length here in late 2021, pouring themselves over these six sludge and acid rock influenced pieces serving some gloomy, grim stuff here on ‘In Idle Orbit’. “

Josh, Grizzly Butts

10/27/21 — Outlaws of the Sun: Review

Doomsday Profit are a band to get truly excited about…In Idle Orbit is a superb debut release from Doomsday Profit and they truly live up to the ‘DOOM’ part of their name. ‘DOES THIS DOOM’ always seems to be the most popular question around within the Doom Metal Scene and this most definitely does with a HELL FUCKING YEAH IT DOES!!!”

Steve Howe, Outlaws Of The Sun

10/21/21 — The Obelisk: Review & Video Premiere

“All the more kudos to Doomsday Profit for working multiple angles, killing low, building high. Maybe killing high? I don’t know. Definitely those two things. High, and murderous.”

JJ Koczan, The Obelisk

10/11/21 — The Killchain: Review

“A soon to be iconic album…’In Idle Orbit’ is a great record by most standards, but as a debut full length my expectations were totally blown away. Doomsday Profit could become a player if this stuff keeps up.”

Sandre The Giant, The Killchain