Doomsday Profit release ‘In Idle Orbit’ Nov. 12

“Raleigh’s Doomsday Profit deep-fries its doom riffs in psychedelic scuzz, riding bad vibes toward sweet oblivion.”

– Free Times

On Nov. 12, the Raleigh, N.C. psych-sludge quartet, Doomsday Profit will release their debut, In Idle Orbit. A meditation in anger, the debut EP floods its dystopian visions with snarling psychedelic grit and deep-dredged sludge riffs that calls to mind the relentless pummeling of Conan, as well as the cosmic excursions of Earthless; the bad-trip acid-rock of Church of Misery, as well as the scuzzy blues of Dopethrone. 

Praise for Doomsday Profit

“This little slice of doom is served up thick, fuzzy and just straight up nasty. Yum! Southern fried riffs with banshee shrieks à la mode. I can dig it. For as dirty and raw as this is, it actually has quite a bit of melody to it.” – Riff Finder Reviews

“Think along the lines of Yatra or Warhorse, with rasped vocals and psychedelic doom metal influenced sludge slugging things along. Miserable and nearly as apocalyptic as their name and nihilistic themes suggest.” – Grizzly Butts

“There is so damn much here to love, from the head-bopping fuzzy riffage, to the harsh shrieks, to the psych tinges, to the seemingly omnipresent sense of melody.” – Ian Corse, of Sleeping Village Reviews

In Idle Orbit will be independently released on CD, cassette, and digital formats. Digital pre-orders will go live on Oct. 1, coinciding with Bandcamp Friday.