Doomsday Profit rides again!

Doomsday Profit returns to Slim’s in Raleigh, NC on Wednesday, Nov. 20 supporting the cosmic stoner-rock juggernaut Howling Giant. And we couldn’t be more excited.

Howling Giant’s debut long-player, The Space Between Worlds, is the kind of heavy and hooky platter that ought to delight fans of Torche or Baroness as it moves through thick riffs and expansive melodies colored by prog-born keys and conceptual ambitions. But even as they seem to be reaching higher with this auspicious release, there’s still a crucial stoner-rock throb that holds over from the band’s earlier EPs, which, to these ears, offer a bit more Truckfighters groove.

Besides, who wouldn’t want to rock out with a band as obviously epic as this:

Adventurers of the Highest Order

Along for the ride is the new and mysterious outfit Smittya. What sort of heavy delights do they have in store? We have no idea, and the suspense only makes it more intriguing.

Doomsday Profit, as always, will bring a heavy pummeling of Primitive Bunker-Dwelling Doom, for the early birds. And we might have a few surprises of our own in store for ya.

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And, again, seriously, check out The Space Between Worlds. It’s excellent.